Martini Madness (Continued)

Naturally any martini selection should offer the traditional or “James Bond” extra dry martini. One of the best around can be found in Salt Lake City, Utah at The Red Door.
· Classic Martini: Top shelf gin or vodka, sprit of dry vermouth garnished with pimento or blue cheese stuffed olive.
· Cosmopolitan: Absolut, Kurant, Cointreau and cranberry juice with a lemon twist.
· The Grinch: Top shelf vodka, green crème de menthe, dark crème de cocoa and garnished with a crumbled Oreo cookie

In Knoxville Tennessee You can enjoy some great food, smooth jazz and one of the best martini menus around at Baker Peters Jazz Club.
· Dew Drop: Skyy Vodka, Midori, with a lemon twist
· Lady Godiva: Belvedere Vodka, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur with a chocolate mint stick
· Apple-Tini: Absolut Vodka, Apple Barrel Schnapps and a splash of white grape juice. Serve with a slice of Granny Smith Apple.

From my all time favorite Martini Bar, The 1920s Club in Austin Texas…
· Bootlegger: Absolute Vodka, Midori and an orange twist.
· Speakeasy: Ketel One Vodka, Amaretto Disoronno and a maraschino cherry.
· The Jazz Singer: Boodles gin, Drambuie and a pearl onion

So call your friend, hide the car keys and enjoy a little Martini Madness at home!


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